Youth Development Stakeholder Model
Our youth development stakeholder model integrates customers, employers, funders/supporters, service providers/educators & individuals / affinity groups into a cohesive service delivery network to create efficiencies and improve the outcomes of our students. By building a community coalition to focus on the needs of each actor, we develop a solution that is sustainable and maximizes the ROI for the capital invested in youth and workforce development. Please click on one of the following stakeholder group to get a more detailed explanation of a particular actor.


Our definition of customer is the individuals, students, scholars and mentees that are the recipient of the serves provided. These individuals are identified through our partnerships with schools, youth development organizations, churches and government entities.

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Funders / Supporters:
Funders are institutions that share our commitment to developing students and provide a great deal of the financing required to pull customers through the pipeline with grants and matching funds—they are generally NGOs and government agencies.

Employers sit at the end of the pipeline and are the beneficiaries of the talent that is developed. Employers are corporate organizations, government agencies, NPO’s, NGO’s and academic institutions. They provide funding, in-kind donations, mentors and speakers/workshop facilitators. Their involvement is critical in helping our customers learn about industries, their organizations, internship opportunities and career opportunities today and in the future.

Individuals and Affinity Groups:
These are the citizens and organized groups that live within the local community—they are committed to the successful development of the upcoming generation and those in need of mentorship. They collectively represent a rich and diverse source of talent—they provide funding / in-kind donations, serve as mentors, work on service projects and take an active interest in the lives of our customers.
  • National Black MBA Association
  • Mambo Sauce
  • WEMBA Minority Alumni
  • Individuals represent a substantial portion of this group and
    are not listed individually on this site
  • NFL Players
  • Entertainment and Television Producers
  • Entrepreneurs

Service Providers / Educators:
Service providers and educators provide development services and activities for our customers—they are generally academic institutions, NPOs and for profit organizations. They are the primary vehicle for the services recommended to customers to build their skills as they prepare for successful independent living.