The Mentors Role

Effective mentors earn our trust if they embody whatever they deem worthwhile. Rather than preaching about honesty or fairness, productive mentors guide us toward honesty by being truthful when it counts. Artists of that sort may spend a lifetime trying to dig virtue out of themselves in practical actions. Even their striving nurtures us.

Mentoring is a two-way process that provides opportunities to both parties for giving and receiving without fears or limitations. It is that particular crossroads in life where what you have to offer meets the immediate and future needs of another. Strong mentors should be available, open-minded, active listeners, supportive, focused and deserving, but not demanding or respect.

CAMS is the engine that places valuable information at the fingertips of our mentors regarding the health, progress and needs of their mentors and also regarding the resources available to support their development. This innovative approach mitigates issues that generally limit a mentors’ active participation such as eliminating the time spent traveling from the office to a location to meet with mentees.

Become a Mentor
A mentor is an individual, usually older, always more experienced, who helps and guides another individual’s development. This guidance is not done for personal gain. It is commonly used in educational settings, especially with "at risk" students. Becoming part of our program can help hundreds of students realize their goals and achieve their kinetic potential.
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A view of our current mentors
So what does it take to be a mentor? It takes the same level of interest, commitment, and confidence in your own abilities that it takes to mentor a student. It also requires that you be sincerely interested in someone else’s growth. You won’t win any awards, but you will have the satisfaction of having done an important job. To learn more about the mentors in our program, click learn more.
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